Hokay. Help? Sleepover!

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Okay sooo..
T. The girl I like.
Who also likes me.
But completely outranks me in the whole social-standing ladder.

Is staying over my house in like, just over a week.
And I've been thinking of what's gonna happen, lol.
We've already decided we're going to get drunk. We're pretty much those typical teenage delinquents. Except with a little more class ;)
And that we're watching the Mr Bean movie (she's absolutely terrified of Mr Bean so I'm taking her to see it.... and no its not -just- so I can cuddle her when she gets scared...much :$)

Then we're camping outside my house I think.
In a tent up in the corner of my backyard, with a bonfire and toasted marshmallows.
And we're playing poker or monopoly or something. We're really competitive with games and such.
She thought she could beat me at Time Crisis but I won by like 34730points and she got really angry :P
It was cute. She went and sooked in the corner of the arcade. Hehe.

Anyways back on topic, lol
I was thinkinggg. Anyone have any ermm. Tips? For getting something going between us?
It's happened before but I don't know... Apparently her feelings have gotten stronger since then but for the last like 4 times I've seen here nothings really happened.
And by apparently I mean.. she doesn't talk about feelings. So it's pretty much just guess work and comparing what she says to what she used to.

Like last night we were on the phone.
And I cut my thumb on a piece of metal
And I was like "Ow ow ow >< its bleeeeding"
And she was kinda freaking out asking if I was okay about a billion times and just kind of..caring. And she's not really a caring kind of person.

Well. Wait.
Thats weird.
She doesnt talk about her emotions, nor does she compliment or be nice much in general, she's rediculously competitive and mature, she bitches and bitches and laughs at people and seems to care only for herself.
Oh, and her ego is out of this world.
She's pretty much the opposite of people I usually fall for.
Maybe because it's so much more amazing when she is nice, or caring or concerned or honest or open because I feel like I must be someone special for her to open up like that.

Weird. Hehe.

Sorry for the absolute ramble =]
It's cold and I've gotta get my bus in half an hour =[


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Well, probably getting drunk

Well, probably getting drunk would not help the complicatedness if something does go on between you again. Do you know if she's queer?

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I wish you luck!! Maybe

I wish you luck!! Maybe getting drunk will be a catalyst.

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yeah she's bi, her ex

yeah she's bi, her ex girlfriend is my friend whos currently dating my ex girlfriend. lol. we've basically switched partners around)
and she's said she likes me
but because of complications and our semi-negative stances on dating, we've settled that we probably won't ever date.
I'm hoping to change her mind someday though, that'd be nice =]

But we're always like "ahh we mustt run off and get drunk together one night"
and we bothhh know what'll happen and we both still say it like, every day.

I guess I'll just have to wait and hope and see =]

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aw you luckie girl lol.

aw you luckie girl lol. hmmm..i have a suggestion...play TRUTH! :)

TRUTH + alcohol = something happening. well...now when i think about it, it was a SOMETHING that i kinda regret 'cause of a lil thing called feelings but other than that...WHOOT ACTION!! lmao.

interesting. well. i hope you have fun and what you already planned is coo enough already :)...good luck to ya!

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That chick sounds just like me and my friends said I was the only person who acts like that. Don't have any tips though but getting drunk could make things a little more difficult.

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