How can I tell if someone likes me...

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Hm. It angers me.


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i'd say eye contact, look for lots of it....also a bit of the wondering eye and like a slight aprehensiveness

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Well if you find the answer to that then tell me please

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You could always ask.

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Like Adam said, eye contact.

Like Adam said, eye contact. That is the key. If their eyes frequently wander to you, that's a good sign. If they can maintain eye contact they're probably really confident about liking you and their chances. If they can't, well it could mean that they're shy or insecure OR that they don't like you and they don't want you to think they do.


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Eye contact, body language.

Eye contact, body language. There are a lot of signs. Like if you sit next to a person and your legs touch, if they don't move away that's a sign. Eye contact is a good one. Like if they keep eye contact with you for extended periods of time. But looking away fast could mean that they're just insecure. And if they're looking at you when the don't think you'll notice, and it happens a lot. That's a big sign. If you're walking somewhere together and they stick really close. Things like that. If they laugh at everything you say, even if it wasn't really all that funny. (But it could just mean that they're just one of those people who laughs at everything.) Watch how they act around other people compared to you. I'm not telling you to become a stalker. Just be observant.

But the best way to be sure is to ask.

And good luck. :)