How many came out as bisexual before admitting to being gay/lesbian?

I did
59% (13 votes)
Nope, I came out as gay
36% (8 votes)
What are you talking about I'm bisexual
5% (1 vote)
Total votes: 22


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mama, papa, i hate the chi chi, i'm a shit dick!

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it's not really that I came

it's not really that I came out "before admitting"

it was, I realized the attraction to other girls, and so decided I was 'bisexual', and over time that progressed into more of a 'lesbian' cliche` so it changed.

But I did come out as bisexual to begin with. =]

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I did!!! lol, well, kinda

I did!!! lol, well, kinda anyway...I kinda told my mom I was 'questioning' or 'bi', it kinda all was the same...pissed quitty, for those who remember him, off quite a bit..., like almost enough to leave the site. lol

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I was bi for 2 days before I would admit I was really just a dyke :P

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i never knew there was a

i never knew there was a thing as bisexual when i came out to myself. Otherwise I think I would have stuck to it for a while before admitting I was gay.

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My family have nothing

My family have nothing against gay people or anything, but none of them believe in bisexuality. They know that I do, but as far as they are concerned bisexual people are just nymphomaniacs/sluts/greedy who just like to have sex with anyone and so try and cover up their sordidness with some sort of real sexual identity. Let it be known, I totally disagree, although I do think some people who are sluts do identify as bisexual when they probably shouldn't.

Because of this however I didn't see much point in the whole, "ease them in gently as bisexual before saying I'm gay" thing because it would have just looked and sounded tacky and they probably wouldn't have believed me in the first place.

So yeah I just came out as gay.

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I just came out ag gay. Mind you it was pretty obvious to me that I was gay and not bi. But I can see why the more confused do it that way

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I did. But a year after I

I did. But a year after I realized I just didnt like guys at all. I'm the biggest lesbian I know xD I've known I liked girls foreverrr. Like, my first kiss was with a girl.

I think I was in denial, cause i couldnt JUST like girls, you know? -.-

But I think its okay to do that. Cause at leat you're accepting that you're different.

aha, and then you can be like me. Accept it, embrace it, THROW it in everyones faces.

its all good.

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I came out as gay. I

I came out as gay. I wondered if I was bi, yeah, but for the most part, I came out as gay, except, like two times; one was with a girl who things had been kind of rocky with before, and I wanted to go slowly (plus, I wasn't 100% sure then... not that I am now, but I'm a lot closer), and the other was with this random group, only two of whom I was good friends with. Yeahhh.

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It was easier for me to come

It was easier for me to come out as bi at first, then once I accepted the fact that I liked girls, I could more easily accept the fact that I only liked girls.