How to Make a Bad Song Amazing:

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add acoustic guitar. The song is Hey Ya by Outkast. I thought it would suck but it's so much better than the original. Don't know who the guy is though.

I think I might start up on my story again, I had abandoned it because I had no idea where it was going. I've been in that feeling today though to write. Might as well try to salvage it. That's all I had to say :-)


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Noooo, don't abandon it!!!!!

Noooo, don't abandon it!!!!! Sometimes it feels like your writing ability is, like, dead, or like a story is going absolutely nowhere... just sit down and write it! Keep the faith!

Life is short: make fun of it.

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that would be mat wedle of

that would be mat wedle of the obidiah parkers....i think...

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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i like turtles...and you!
keep writing bitch!!