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*sniff sniff*

I just got done reading the story, Hystersis, on fictionpress.com....and OMG it was cute, funny, and sad at the same time. I cried...like full on cried...my friend was laughing at me 'cause she called me when i reading the sad part and i was crying...she's like "oh are you crying?" haha so weird.

So yeah...i recommend it for anyone that wants to read it.

It's about this two girls, Gwen and Lena who go through many obstacles because of their love for each other. There are many corky but cute funny parts, but also some cute romantic parts that make you go Awwww...

I'm not too good at describing things...so JUST READ IT!!!


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Its Hysteresis, you

Its Hysteresis, you misspelled it. I found it on google, yay spellcheck. Off to read now.

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that sounds really good, but i couldn't find the story on the site : ( can you put up the link :]