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I seem to be making a lot of journal entries this week,and it's not even like I just have a lot of time on my hands...I have loads I should be doing.But hey there is still some time for some blogging.

Today I got the opportunity to take the moral high ground(at least I think thats what it is called).A few weeks ago at work I was walking along and tripped in front of everyone.It was embarassing enough,but this one girl who is kind of a bitch laughed for longer then everyone else and louder too.Which made it worse than it needed to be.But today the tables were turned.We were all walking along and I was walking behind her and next of all she just tripped over nothing and fell.She was so embarassed,and I thought to myself I could stand and laugh like she did or I can be polite and ask if she is ok.So I said hey are you ok and offered my hand to pull her up.She looked at me really surprised,and also kind of sheepish.But I felt better than if I had of just been a cow about it too.So yeah thats my big story for today.

Other than that I have cut back on the stalkage of my friend.I talked to her for a while last night so I am happy with that,sort of,but yeah I'll deal with it.

Well thats about all so i'll go do stuff.Buh bye.


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I love being nice to people

I love being nice to people when they're mean to me.
It is the most surprising thing you can ever do.
Much much fun :)


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yeah, good for you!

yeah, good for you!

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omg you're so in love with u'r friend aren't yoU!?!?!?!?!
oh and about the chick, you shoulda spat and kicked the bitch while she was down there and then said, "SOMEONE CLEAN THE CRAP OFF THE FLOOR!!!!" and then helped her up....then she woulda looked way more sheepish....sheep are hot

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good for you!

she now prolly feels really bad/ashamed she laughed at you. so you had your revenge/taught her a lesson just by being nice+taking the moral high ground. that's the best way to do it. yay for you!