...i can't believe he asked me that!

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well yeah...okie this started yesterday when he commented my dress pic on myspace and he said i look beautiful and sent me a message saying that i should wear that dress for him one day, so he can see it in person. at first i was like...wha? then today i told my friends and they were all like "ew" haha. I'm not mean or anything but he kinda is "ew" especially his dirty mind...

Well...he was texting me when i was at work today and he was telling me how he likes this girl that he can't have 'cause she's lez and stuff, my friend told me that he liked me before so i was hoping it wasn't me and so i asked him if it was me...he took a very long time to answer but when he did he told me it was this girl name Brit who went to another school.

YAAY!! lol so i was happy...then he goes..."but what would happen if i did like you?" and i told him straight up that i wouldn't go out with him (i have my reasons)...yeah yeah kinda mean but boo lol. Topic changed and started talking about something else and then he goes "oh good thing you're lez" and i'm like "why?", he goes " 'cause if you were straight i would fall for you" or something like that...

*sigh* guys are weird...ok ok now to why my title is that...we were talking about something (my bad memory) and then he asked me if i could wear the dress for him (third time asking me) and i told him no...so he's like "well...can you at least flash me? lol" ...OMFG i couldn't believe he asked me that...and of course i told him no.

but it's weird though...i kinda knew that he was gonna ask something...something dirty but i wasn't expecting something like that...


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Guys are both weird and icky

Guys are both weird and icky lol.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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i sooooo agree with

i sooooo agree with that!!

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"