I did an HIV/AIDS interview

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our health assignment is on communicable diseass and how they affect various groups, so i've chosen HIV and the gay community. i am so psyched about it! so on the weekend i interviewed 2 guys my sister knows. one still only has 1st stage HIV, yet the other, who is younger btw, is suffering 4th stage HIV - full blown AIDS. i learnt so much from these guys - they told me about everything. it really made me think about our community and HIV/AIDS. we should all know to use a condom, yet so many guys out there aren't either because they're off their faces on drugs, they have no knowledge of HIV, or they just don't care. i really don't understand how the message isn't getting through!!! i mean, AIDS related illness is the biggest killer of gay men, yet some people just haven't got a clue. i really don't get it. so i want to do something about it.
i want to have AIDS awareness at my school. i want to set up something, i don't know what, that gets the message out there that HIV isn't just a gay disease, and that we are all at risk if we don't understand it. HIV is something that we can stop if we just act.

i'm tired, and being courageous is making my brain hurt. i just feel so strongly about this, it's time i did something!


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Just a thought

Maybe you could arrange to have one of these guys speak at your school or work with your local gay awareness group to get some information out. There are a lot of agencies that are really eager to help you spread the word. I think what you are doing is a great service to all your fellow students and the community. I am sure you will do great at whatever you chose to do for this worthy cause.