i feel like explaining my name for some odd reason...

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so my name on this here site is BlueDevilWannaBe. i'm not too sure why that had to be the first thing that popped into my head as i racked my brain for a name (hey, that rhymes), but i figure since it's not really self-explanitory to most people, and i was thinking about it earlier anyway, that i'd explain it to all the squares out there that don't know who the Blue Devils are (anyone who lives around the Bay Area probably has a better chance of knowing than most). the Blue Devils (more commonly referred to by me as the BDs) are the most fantastic group of field show marching competitors on the planet (any Cavalier fans out there can bite me). and i, being the fabulous band geek that i am, have wanted for the past 3 years to join them. i came close this season, really close, but of course my parents pulled the rug out from under me at the last second and i was not allowed to participate (hence the wannabe status)... i've never really been a wannabe in any aspect in my life, and to know now that i am is pretty depressing if i do say so myself. now i get to oh so graciously endure another season of watching some of my band mates, friends, and now my girlfriend become part of an elite group of musicians and make long-lasting bonds and cherish the opportunity to master a show and live something that i desperately wanna live... i'll be nice, don't worry, i'll be suppotive as well, i'm proud of them already, it just sucks knowing that i won't get to join in on the experience, and probably never will get to anymore after this year.


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That's a shame, but trite as

That's a shame, but trite as it sounds they'll be more opportunities- if not for this specifically then for other things. What instrument do you play and what were your parents objections anway?