I Feel Like Such an Asshole

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Okay, so, I've been really sick all week. I finally took today off, but I feel bad because I missed so much stuff at school:

-> A quiz in Latin
-> A test in Sports Med (I already have missed one of the tests, hopefully the teacher doesn't think I'm trying to avoid them.)
-> A presentation in Biology
-> A BIG assignment in English was due today
-> AND to top it off I missed this really important weekly meeting for my theatre group. I didn't even call and tell them I couldn't make it. I just... forgot about it.

So I feel really, really bad. Like... I know I'm sick, feverish, coughing everywhere, etc, but... I still feel bad. I mean, I missed last Friday for the same reasons... I hope people don't think I'm trying to, like, get free three-day weekends or slack off or anything.


Basically, I feel like shit all-around.

ETA: Oh, and there was a concert I wanted to go to tonight. Dammit!