I honestly think that this was a match made in Hell

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Well, this is just great. A male, homophobic George Bush fan has a crush on me.

Whenever he's around me, he grins a lot, constantly tries to get my attention, and generally acts like an idiot. My two best friends also believe that he has a crush on me. One of them thinks that he's probably liked me since last year. He has completely different political views than I do, not to mention a dissimilar family. My family is a bunch of atheists, while his is extremely involved with their church. He even wears T-shirts declaring the fact that he's a Christian.

One time I had to work with him for a class project. We were designing a school. He had to come up with the dress code, and he said that all boys at our school had to wear pants and that the girls always had to wear long skirts. I asked him politely not to make it this way, since I myself would hate wearing skirts all the time. (I loathe skirts. I put on pants instead.) He refused. When I asked him why not, he said, "Because skirts look nicer on girls." That stupid idiot should try putting on a skirt himself and see how he likes it. Honestly, why couldn't he let girls wear pants at our school?

He likes George Bush. A lot. He also has a problem with gay people. Today in class I was talking with the guy sitting next to me about Ellen Degeneres. He was saying, "Yeah, she's really cool. She's, like, the only lesbian comedian out there." The guy who has a crush on me sort of stiffened up. "She's a lesbian?" "Yep, she's gay," I nodded. "What, do you have a problem with that?" I didn't demand to know or anything; I asked nicely, as though I were asking him about the weather.

He shyly nodded. If he ever works up the courage to ask me out, I'll just say, "No," and spare him the shock of learning that the girl he has a crush on is queer.

I swear, this is a match made in Hell. We're complete opposites. On one hand we have him, a conservative straight guy; then we have me, a liberal lesbian. I honestly don't know why he has a crush on me. Ugh.

So, advice? Please? What do I do? Do I just ignore him, like I've been doing, or do I let him know I'm not interested? I have no idea how to deal with this situation.


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Oh ignore it/ enjoy it- it's

Oh ignore it/ enjoy it- it's not like you'd ever want anything to happen anyway. Unless he actually makes a move, there's no point ruining his illusions. He might not want anything to happen anyway, you probably represent forbidden attraction and all that. Sure he's meant to like the nice Christian girl from the church youth group, but just have that satanic allure...

He's probably hoping you'll corrupt him.

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this guy seems totally oblivious.
i think you should just...let him realize, seems a little cruel but he seems like a hell of a trouble.