I Made Varsity Lacrosse

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I'm really happy. My position is goalie, and I'm sharing playing time with a junior. (She plays half a game, I play the other) Because I'm a freshman and the JV team doesn't have a goalie I also have to play half of their game, but that's cool because it just means I get to play the sport I love more. This is going to sound stupid but I think the coolest part about making Varsity all the stuff you get. My personal favorite is the team lacrosse backpack with our number on it. haha But seriously I'm just glad I made the team I wanted.

On a side note I watched a cartoon about fruits and vegetables. An apple kept on singing about temptation, and there was an asparagus training a cucumber on how not to eat chocolate . It was actually pretty cool, though. Yes, I am that immature that I like preschool shows. It's funny all the things nutritionists are doing to have kids eat healthy. They even got rid of the cookie monster.


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Congratulations! Well

Congratulations! Well done.

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That's fantastic, well done!