...i thought my day was doomed but then this happened!!!

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Yeah lol...today started off as a weird day.

I was riding the bus to school and for some reason i was looking at the sunrise (it was really beautiful) and listening to the song, She's Everything by; Brad Paisley and i felt something...it was weird, it was like deep inside i was ready to do what i needed to do.

What was that?...i still had pictures of me and my ex on my phone and i've been waiting for a time that i can actually delete them and move on and today seemed like it was the day, so that's what i did. I had witnesses (my two friends) and i deleted them...it was funny though 'cause one of my friends was asking me over and over if i was ok and stuff lol.

I actually felt...freed in a way but i know that the next step that would actually be my closure would be when i give her back the phone and end all ties with her...i'm almost there, i already have the pplan i'm gonna get and stuff, i just need the money and its done. but i know that deep inside that...thats gonna be the hardest part, but it needs to be done and i'm ready to move on.

Idk i guess...when your sick you have a lot of time to thing and stuff, so i was thinking and i realized that i can't move on if i'm still hoping and wishing for something that i already know...won't happen and its not good to waste my life hoping and wishing for someone whose already moved on. i need to move on and i want to be able to be clear minded and get my shit done that needs to be done rather than being depressed and hung up over someone who doesn't feel the way i feel...there are more people out there and i'll find someone when the time is right.

So yeah...i did all that in the morning and i was feeling all good, then i went to DECA (school store) and the girl jipped me a dollar, i wasn't in the mood because i was getting more sick and i soooo didn't want to deal with that...blah so i got more sick, some of my teachers were bitchy which made me bitchy, i totally forgot about my math test (probably bombed it)....ARGh i was so iritated...everything went down hill.

I had to do a community service project at the Battleship Missouri and we needed to get to the Arizona Memorial at 1:30 to check in, so my dad was gonna take me and my friend there...but he ended up forgetting and we got there late and caught the shuttle and got there at 2:05 and it started at 2...

But the lady was nice and let us in, we got instructions and was sent to this guy named Willie to do our service and me and my friend chose to sweep and so we ended up sweeping up trash on the pier...it was sooooo easy. we didn't have much to clean, so we had to make like we were productive for an hour and the next hour we'd go check out the ship.
Well...we ended up making friends with this tour guide, Comrad and he was really coool. he gave us some history, gave us some pamphlets and when we'd walk by him, he'd ask us a question about the ship and we'd have to answer...it was fun. So, we finished cleaning and was crusing around the ship, and then we saw everyone leaving but we were supposed to be there until 5 and it was only 3:45.

We decided to stay on and cruise until 5 because thats what time our teacher said we'd be done....me and my friend ended up being the only two students from our school and made friends with the guy Willie; who let us take a picture and keep it for free (cost $20), gave us free food, and let us ride the motion simulator thingy for free ($5 each). The motion simulator was like a rollar coaster but it just moved around in one spot...it was soooo cool, it had 3-D tooo...we had the Haunted House theme and i swear my friend screamed lol. it was fun.

I think the one thing that made me more happy was making friends with the people and the lady that was charge was talking to us after before we were leaving and told us to come back and volunteer some more...we'd be cleaning but we could also give tours...its sooo cool because i could use some of those hours for my college app and for job apps too...YAY!!!!!!

That soooo made my day :D


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Motion simulators rock!

3 wheels are better than 4!

Do they react that way because of who we are or because of your personality?
"I like to think it's me."

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YUP YUP THEY DO... "i am who


"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"