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Arrr I'm so dumb, that really hot queer film that I was going to go watch (see previous journal entry), the tickets have sold out already. Jamie and her mates already got tickets since they had a credit card so she said she'd let me know if anyone pulls out. Well Tim came with me to the queer film festival on the weekend to catch a series of short films made for kids our age. There was romance, drama and comedy rolled into 2 hours. It was pretty cool, there was a locally made doco about coming out and all that jazz which left me all feel-good happy (you know one of those 'yay I'm a gay' sort of moods). And it was sort of the first time being in a very gay atmosphere, I felt like I fitted you know? I'm happy I got to go to the festival this year at least once.. so if I miss out on the other film, I'll just catch it on dvd hehe. *sigh* Clea Duvall though dude.

It's weird because my friend Jamie has/is probably going to see more films at the festival than me.. and she's straight.. apparently but her myspace orientation is blank which I don't know if it means anything.. well when we were best mates, I did have a thing for her and she gave me vibes.. but it was probably because I'd read into stuff (as you do). I've been thinking about her lately and I miss her but I don't know if it's as a friend or what. Like I found an old mix tape and when I put it on, it sort of brought the old feelings back and memories and such. Then it made me wonder if she ever listened to those songs and thought about me and when we used to hang out. That nite when we were at school camp and we all went on a "scary" ghost tour and she didn't let go of my arm the whole time, I don't know how genuinely scared she was.. but I didn't question it just 'cause I liked having her close to me. Ah I'm such a memory lane type person, I think I keep all the memories that everyone else forgets.


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Aww thats such a nice line "I keep the memories everyone else forgets".Sounds like something out of a song.Bummer that you missed going to the festival with your friend but at least you got to go with Tim hey.

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well if it counts for

well if it counts for anything, people think i'm straight and my myspace orientation thing is blank... it could be a sign.
and... when me and a large group of friends drove down a "scary" road i held hands with my crush, even when i wasn't scared anymore. so yeah... could be a sign, too, hah.

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Oh gosh, Itty Bitty Titty

Oh gosh, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, saw the preview from your last j entry. I actually can't wait to see it now!

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