i'm actually doing better...

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so.. lately i've been doing a little better... school and scholarships are still kicking me in the ass... senioritis is coming on like no other... but other than that....

my club soccer team won our semi final game yesterday 1-0 so we get to play in the state final on the 24th!!! we played in the final last year but we ended up losing so this year i have to win!! and if we win, we go to regionals in vegas!! awesome....

i'm heading back up to seattle today to watch more semi finals... and in between my friend and i are going to go to pike place... pike place and cute soccer girls... what more could i ask more! ;)


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Congrats on your soccer

Congrats on your soccer team's success!!!

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I know

I know how you feel with the scholarships and that damn senioritis. congrats on the soccer I hope you guys win that would be a great thing to happen your senior year.

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Congrats! That's awesome!!!

Congrats! That's awesome!!! Good luck--winning State Cup would be the most amazing way to end club soccer!

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i love pike place. and i

i love pike place. and i wished i lived close to it. alas, california, here i rest.