it all started with just...a question.

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Sorry folks...i know i said i wasn't posting for awhile but i'm unfortunately still on and a certain someone aimed me.

Who that certain someone is?

Her name's Ray...we were friends since 2nd grade been friends for like 9 or 10 years now...yeah i kno long. But damn i haven't talked to her in awhile since moved and all that good stuff, we just did some catching up and i totally got into a good mood.

Here's something that i'm thinking about a lil....WAY TOO MUCH! Well she was the first girl that i ever liked ever...that started back in our middle school days and was damn well confusing and i came out to her like the same time i came out to everyone else and from what i remembered she didn't take it too well, which started the lil distancing between us and yeah. oh yeah...what's bothering me was whether or not i told her i used to like her or not...idk i think i did but i don't think i did lol.

Why is it bothering me? well...because i don't want it too be awkward...and you know what the weird thing is?...she lives on the same street as my ex...yup just peachy.

I was super surprised when she aimed me...i was like..WHA? haha yeah. we caught up on everything and its all coo. we exchanged numbers and i'm hoping that i get to hang out with her soon. i miss her...not like that but the whole friendship...even though she didn't kno certain things bout me, we were super close and stuff...i miss that.

ok...well now its time to sleep...maybe i'll call her next week when i get paid and we can go watch a movie or something...

kk...take cares :)