it's gonna get stuck...

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...if it goes in any farther XD

hehe. yup. i currently have two balled up pieces of napkin stuck in my nose. i call them...Nose Plugs. lol. why do i have these so-called Nose Plugs? 'cause my nose is runny and i am currently sick at the moment.

this sucks. it really does. i woke up this morning and was like...AAARRGGGHHHH. i feel like shiit. && guess what? i have prom tomorrow. fuckin-A.

i'm so irritated. my head is sore. my nose is runny. my throat feels like crap. and bbbblllaaaahhhh. tomorrow's my last day @ work because the store is laying us off and going out of business. tomorrow's prom and i have to get everything ready after work (not that bad 'cause i don't take long to dress lol).

i'm tired. hmm. i almost came out to my co-worker today. but to her the word girlfriend means a really good girl friend. hehe. so i gave up lol. but i like talking with her. she's really nice and coo.

ahm. ahm. shit. i had something to say. but i can't seem to remember what i was gonna say. damnnit.

well. unfortunately i can't think of it. i'm really tired. so i best be getting my sleep 'cause i work in the morning and i have prom later, so i'm not gonna be on until later...later. i'll have a pic of the dress and stuff.

see ya'll.

take cares. <#


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Aw, get better! And have fun

Aw, get better! And have fun at prom!

*pouts* I won't be able to go with you....

Anyway, your co-worker sounds funny. It confuses me when people say girlfriend and mean a good friend that's a girl. Makes communication difficult sometimes. Ha.

Nose plugs.....get better!

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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what always confuses me the

what always confuses me the most is when people say that they arent straight (in reference to drug use)

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drug use? "i am who i am, so

drug use?

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"