it's sad how life is so short.

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I know i just posted not too long ago...but it's soooooooo sad.

I was on myspace and i was looking at my friend's friends list and since we went to the same middle school...i thought i could add people i knew from before i i saw one of my friends that i used to talk to...i had her on my old myspace page but i never got around to adding her again, but i went to go check out her site and the last time i saw her site it showed her and her bf and their baby...the baby was sooo cute and small.

And now...when i said "In Loving Memory of Jesshael"...AWWWWWW its so sad her daughter died....only 9 months her daughter lived :(

I feel sooo sad friend is only 16 or 17 and she has already lost someone that never really got to see life at's sad how life is so short.


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Aw, that's tragic :( ~May

Aw, that's tragic :(

~May the spirits guide your every assure you please her in all the right places XD

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so sad

it's so sad when babies die. your poor friend. i can only imagine how hard going through that must be

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wow that is terrible :(

wow that is terrible :( Everyone talks about how life is so short yet they live to be 100, this baby only lived 9 months, it barely go to live. I feel so bad for your friend.