Jamaica gay rights (of all things!)

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I like getting to know people. It's fun, even more so when they are very different to who you're used to. So we have a new cleaner at work, she's a Jamaican woman with a pretty thick accent and not the greatest grasp of the English language. Exactly the type of person a British conservative is likely to look down on, which is precisely why I prefer to embrace her more than others!

So I said I'd love to go to Jamaica, but I said to her, "They hate us fags over there though." And she laughed, and said that there were gay people there too. Then she made me laugh because a serious expression fell upon her face and out of nowhere she said "But they would kill you if they caught you." It was very funny, in a strange way. So anyway, it led me to read up on gay rights and such in Jamaica.

I knew it was bad, but not THAT bad! And I also ended up reading a couple of comments on another website posted by Jamaican ex-pats. They had said whilst they were very homophobic when they were younger, since moving to other countries such as the UK and Australia they had met very nice gay people and that their views had been changed. So that was nice. And I think it might be the case of this new cleaner woman too! She thinks I'm great (well, duh *cheeky grin*) and I passed her on the stairs today and she patted my bum!

Could it be that *I* have been one of these "very nice gay people" that a Jamaican ex-pat has met, and changed their homophobic opinions? Oh I would be pleased! I think I'll start having some gay conversations with her to gauge her opinion. God I'm bored.

Pointless entry, but I wanted to write something ^_^


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Your changing the world dude!!!!!!!!!!

Lol,im joking thats cool!Hey did you know in Pakistan they hang gay people also.I had a friend from there who moved over here and was so shocked when he met his first gay person(a guy I used to work with)was funny,but he was cool with the gayness once he got over his inital shock.

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She does sound sweet. And jamacia is one of those odd countries, one where western integration just seems to have made it worse for homophobia

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Turns out she had a gay

Turns out she had a gay friend in Jamaica called Trevor who died of AIDs and he was camp like me. I didn't really know what to say. So we had another cigarette and talked about the weather, hehe.

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