Just because I like girls dosen't mean I'm like a guy

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So.. Friday I slept over at Soras place. Which I haven't done for a while. Was fun... I came out to her brother who apparently hasn't heard yet. He was looking at this wrestling stuff and he's asking me if I think those guys are hot at all and I'm all "eww" (Well, they were all overly-buffed and in speedos. it was gross.) and I tell him that it's a lost cause and he sort of figured it out from there. (With help) And then he proceeds to compare me to boys which doesn't bother me unless it's in the context of my gay-ness. (He was all "*dude name* likes girls, like you" So I tell him, "not like me." he asks "how do you like girls then?" and I say "I dunno, like a girl who likes girls." but I don't think he gets it...) And then Sora and her sister (Roxas) slept over here. We had veggie pizza (no cheese) and we danced a lot and stuff.

But Sora has me really confused... She used to be really cuddly and now she's sort of... Not... She seems sort of distant and I don't know what it is... She used to (As in, before I went and told her how I feel about her.) always hug me and sit on my lap and lean on my shoulder and dance with me but she doesn't anymore. And she's more shy now... And I don't know what it is...

I mean, she's still really close, but... It's weird. Why is she so shy now? And every time I try to talk to her about the whole "girlfriend" thing I loose my nerve and fail. And it's pathetic.

So after trying to bring it up with her in conversation (And not getting the words out.) I'm giving up and as much as I hate it, I'm going to bring it up through e-mail. (It's so impersonal. D:) I hate being so shy, I can say exactly what's on my mind until it's something important. Then I freeze.

Murrr... I'm going to go eat... Laters...


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yeah, confronting her about

yeah, confronting her about her shyness might be a good move. just explain that you're confused and if somethings bothering her, she should let you know, etc etc.

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veggie pizza is the bomb,

veggie pizza is the bomb, but you should definately consider some soy-cheese!