Kinsey Sicks controversy on college campus

Yikes, it looks like my beloved Kinsey Sicks have themselves some controversy, as the Conservative Students for a Better Tomorrow at Fuhrman University in South Carolina have launched a campaign to prevent the group from coming on campus, as well as questioning their $10,000 fee coming from the general fund. They even have an online petition (don't sign!) and everything.

There's also a campus news report on it (although one of the people interviewed seems to think two of the Kinseys are straight, which is entirely untrue, heh):

It's kind of funny that the controversy kind of makes the point even better than their show would have on its own. So, the dialogue has reached even more people in the community. Fabulous. You go, girls!


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oooooh. when are they

oooooh. when are they coming, if they can?
(I go to school in the town furman is in)
its all-around a rather lame school, so im not suprised.
a bunch of rich, snobby, southern lawer's kids for the most part.
(I hope i dont offend anyone who might go there! its just that in my experience it seems as though thats the crowd it draws.)
the only thing i like about furman is that on all their hats and things it just has a large
"F U"
printed on it.

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The student group also said they are coming, so toolate to cancel.

I think March 12, and it's free, just not sure if you have to be a student or what the criteria is.


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Well isn't Nathan Guinn a

Well isn't Nathan Guinn a charismatic, sex-boat. Poor child is no doubt roundly ignored in pretty much every aspect of non-stupid, student politics related life, which is the only justification for going into stupid, student politics to begin with. Strangely he can't even seem to muster up indignent outrage properly- going through the motions of moral horror is even worse than being geniunely upset by something so harmless.
It's heartbreaking to see children grow up conservative before their time.