Lantern Festival, thoughts... and Recount of this Weekend!

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Heyoz people. This is a seperate journal entry from my other one created just minutes ago because the other one focuses more on that one single event that happened today and this one will just be a general overview of things that happened in the weekend.

For the main thing that happened today - refer to here.

Okies, so yesterday was lantern festival. I was supposed to go with Ellen but she doesn't have a phone and it's really hard to get in touch with her. In the end I couldn't find her and so I think it was kind of mutually agreed we went and did our own things. I did text her brother asking where she was but I never got an answer. I went and hung out with Julia, Cyn and Ann while I thought Ellen was still coming. But then I don't think she will... to be honest I didn't know what she did last night. I did talk to her on MSN though she just said she couldn't find me and she was feeling really bad. She was also really depressed (going borderline emo) about some things on her mind. I told her not to feel bad about not being to find me (she always take small things way too seriously - too sensitive) because it was my fault in a way too. I guess it's just that we haven't seen each other for ages and we really need to catch up on a lot of things. I talked to her about her thoughts for a while, but I really wished I had been here.

So besides that, hanging out with Julia, Cyn and Ann was fun (which made me guilty that I 'ditched' Ellen). We also went to the city and took sticker photos. I thought I would've seen lots of people I knew (out of the estimated 50,000 who went) at the lantern festival but I only saw a few (although many said they saw me =\). Saw Jim and Calvin although a really awkward thing happened (can't really explain). Melissa I also saw, I thought she was pissed off at me about something but she doesn't seem to be - maybe I'm just paranoid. She was surprised I wasn't with Ellen though. I saw Vic as well, and he's still so gay. I hate him, everytime I see him I kind of want him. But no no no. I want him to want me first because I'm not going through shit for him again. Though, I think he was flirting with me when I went up and talked to him... he was acting all cute and hiding his face with a balloon when I was walking up to him. It was raining and he said if he could hide under me. =O Rah, we didn't talk for long... since I don't really want to say much to him in case buried feelings come back up.

I also popped a balloon on the ground at the lantern festival. LOL the swarm of people like ALL turned and looked at me. Tis was freaky.

Something else is that my friend Raro the Taro's birthday party the coming weekend is cancelled. She had some problems deciding on things with her dad and now she cancelled it all. I was actually really looking forward to it but oh well. I've really got nothing to do this weekend, except I might go sing karaoke with some friends. Meh, I got a shit load of work to do lately anyways... but I just don't feel like lazing at home. Nellie might be going to the karaoke too, since he was invited as well. To be honest I don't really want him to go, since I think it's really awkward. He's one of the biggest nerds in our year, and I just don't really know what he's like outside of school (Oh gawd Max, stop with your prejudices). I know how discriminating I sound, but he seems to acquaint the people I know and it feels like he's budging into my friend circle. I mean, I don't hate him. I think it's wrong to actually hate someone for a matter like this. At least I respect him for his 'nerdiness' (note I chose nerdiness over smart because there is a line between the two) at school and don't pick on him like other people. Maybe I'm just not used to potentially seeing an unnerdy side of him. (In some ways I can be very hypocritical, I mean I'm not nerdy but many many years ago I could slightly qualify. I could very well be him right now if I studied 24/7 like him)

So yeah. That's that. I saw Ting today while going to new market and royal oak. I was actually trying to avoid people 'cause I didn't care about my appearance when I went out. It's annoying when I don't look the best I can - I think it's some kind of compulsive thing I have... and I think it's also being polite in a way). I said hi to him but didn't know much else to say. Lol, it was a bit awkward.

Mmm one other thing that's on my mind is bebo/myspace. They sometimes piss me off. Just like how people spend so much time on them trying to look cool and popular. I don't even know why I care but it just frustrates me. I guess I'm just beginning to understand that many more things are subjective in everyday life and it's really annoying and confusing. I know many people who are not some people who dwell on bebo 24/7 but are the nicest, most socialable, outgoing people ever. Bebo does not reflect who someone is. The hoardes of 'top friends', comments and "love" don't show what they are they like in real life. I can't really get this thought into words, but I just hope that someone knows what I mean.

Oh, plus... this girl is stalking me on my bebo page. She came up to me and said hi to me on lantern festival and was even able to say my name. I asked who she was and she just walked off and then gazed at me in a distance. It was actually really really freaky. Then I went on my page like yesterday and found she had left a comment like the day before. Um yeah.

Okay so that's that. Now those thoughts are off my head I can go to sleep now. Bye bye fellow Oasians!

Poop and g'night!


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Vic is till there. The Maxigon lives on to some extent. What happended to tyler?

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"