look on the bright side, my arse.

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i must say that title is a little ironic. i've been so horribly stressed this week. i have a maths assignment due tomorrow, and i only just completed it. i have been worrying and fretting over it, and i have started stress eating again. but not to worry, it's finished! gaaaaaaaaaaah it was fucking sad and twisted tho. i hate math. and i'm not the only one feeling the pressure. on a monday for instance, everyone in my music class is happy and bouncy, but by friday we're all freaked out or depressed or tired. even mike's getting down and reminds me of ME! this arvo i walk into choir, spot his bag but he isn't there. i walk thru to the drama room (they're connected) and he's lying on the floor on a mat staring at the ceiling. i walked over and started patting his hair (as you do) and he's like "it's all too much, everything sucks, i want to die rah rah rah." pretty sure i've said the exact same thing to him 100 times. so i said what he usually says to me - "just remember that one day it will all be over." funny how it got switched. but i was all tired/stressed too, and he and i stressed together and talked. it's so good to have support, and if not, someone to wallow in ur sadness with.

but also, i accidently kissed his hand. at my school we all make kiss lips to each other, and i did it as he moved his hand passed my face for some reason, and i made contact. it was weird, he was like "that was kinda gay", and i went "what?" and he goes "you kissed me." and i was like "did i? sorry!" i totally didn't mean too, but it was awkward! however, july last year, i was SMASHED ( i downed a bottle of smirnoff in about 10 mins), and i actually remember kissing him about this much *holds 2 fingers up nearly touching* away from his mouth, so basically next to his mouth, the lower cheek area........ i'm sorry if this is hard to understand, but i'm so fucking tired. and i don't really think this part of the story is relevent. meh.

oh and i have 7 more assignments left. plus my health oral is about HIV and the gay community, and i'm interviewing a family friend who is HIV+, so that should be interesting.
g'nite. xoxooxoxoxoxooxoxo


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Arr it's been so long since school stress, it does end eventually and it will feel so great at the end of the year. Hmm I don't really have any advice.. just stay strong but take some time to chillax too. You and Mike seem to have a pretty sweet relationship considering he's straight. Good luck with your assignments!

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Ah yes

Ah yes. Isn't life fun?

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"