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Re: Gay fairytales

Hmm, controversial indeed. I'm really very surprised at this move, it's very brave. If there's one thing people are sensitive about above all else it's their children and their education, and quite rightly so. School is the foundations of their lives, their future. Which is precisely why I'm not surprised at the rather negative reaction.

On the one hand I think this is a good idea, because it seems rather obvious to me that if you bring kids up learning about BOTH heterosexual and homosexual relationships, when they encounter them they are not going to see them as abnormal. At the moment they DO see them as abnormal and that is why kids are bullied in the playground, commit suicide and generally hated by everyone else. A rather simplified scenario, but nevertheless I feel rather accurate. On the other hand is it any surprise that parents have sexualised this in their own minds? There's nothing sexual in the stories whatsoever, anymore than there's anything sexual in Snow White when she meets the prince, or Cinderella when she gets married to the prince. Does anyone mention the fact that they have to consummate the marriage? No, that would be ludicrous. They lived happily ever after. Amen.

So why is it such an offensive idea that one of the dwarves bagged the prince instead? Do you turn the page and see the two guys at it like rabbits. Do you see the prince saying to the dwarf, "Ah, just the right height, now suck on it?" Err, no. They live happily ever after. Amen.

Where's the big difference?

I think this whole crappy situation has highlighted that despite huge leaps and bounds in the UK's society there's still a huge amount of homophobic people out there who, whilst they are happy to ignore or "tolerate" homosexuality, do not see it as a "valid lifestyle" (God I hate that phrase). Shame on them.

"If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon."
- George Aiken

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Yah but, the article is out

Yah but, the article is out of the daily hate, so um take it with a pinch of salt.

The Christian group they've quoted complaining is the same on that had a hissy fit about Jerry Springer the Opera and going on about launching blasphemey charge against the BBC. They want the fuel of publicity again because the joke's got old and no-one's paying them any attention again. Christian Voice speak for no-one- except about 5 misfits, simmering with constant passive agressive rage wearing twin sets from Talbots and golfing jumpers. They're all the type of people that write in angrily to local newspaper's and collect commemorative Royal family chinawear.

Anyway all the traditional fairytales are utterly filthy and full of insane subext.

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Oh yeah

Oh yeah just look at some of the comments people made. Bloody Daily Mail readers. I can understand why they don't want anything that distinctly says 'homosexuality is a good thing' but I never see a problem with telling the kids that it exists. I'll live with what you think of it, but at least acknowlege its existence people
There is nothing innappropiate about teaching your kids that there are things called relationships

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