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A regular feature that wraps up news items found elsewhere on the web about LGBTQ youth (and some additional randomness):


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my school has been black-listed by the religious right.

that makes me laugh a little bit inside, for some reason.

(although unfortunately it only listed us and one other high school in the state as "likely to participate", which includes any school that allows people to participate in the national day of silence, or that have a GSA)

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my high school is on the list too. wootness. i did day of silence last year
it was fun. my friend came out right around then too. he's awesome. adorable too. and tiny. tinier than me. yay

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My school's not listed. But...that could change.*Evil laugh*

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My school's listed!

Yay! Gay high schools... not so much. Anyway, I also really liked that In the Life episode, Jeff. It was really clean-cut and touching, and--wow about the girl coming out in the heartland. Intense. Hadn't thought about it much before. Thanks for giving us the link.

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Oh my god, I never knew that there were anti-gay groups that called themselves "pro-family." That's just... disgusting...

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