losing.... not so much fun!!!!

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so it's my birthday weekend.....

went to dinner with my dad last night where he proceeded to tell me over and over again about how i was going to meet the perfect man... then as if that weren't enough... he starts in on how i need to let my hair down because guys will think i am so pretty with my hair down.... and that only big dykes will think i'm attractice with my hair pulled up.... so then i tell him i guess i'll leave it up then.... he still doesn't get it.... or maybe he does.... ignorance is bliss for parents i guess....

so today was the state final for club soccer...... for the second year in a row we lost..... after so many years and years of work we couldn't figure it out.... really frustrating.... but i have to look on the bright side now.... 4 months until preseason for college.... :)

just when i thought my whole weekend had gone to shit mom took me shopping tonight and i got the most adorable tank tops at pac sun.... the cashier was too cute.... i commented on her necklace (poca shells with rainbow colored beads in between).... we made a total connection.... just one of those "hey, you're family.... well, me too" kinda things.... i dunno.... it's just nice to know you're not the only one sometimes...


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happy birthday

happy birthday

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that sucks...

I know how much u worked for it...too bad. well, at least you'll be at lewis and clark next year, or was it linfield? Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday!

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haha that's a great how you said you'd leave your hair up. Happy birthday and I really like those "you're family" moments too.