Marriage Equality

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Apparently there was something going on yesterday for Marriage Equality and we missed it because we didn't get the notice until today. :(

I love that they were calling it "Marriage Equality" instead of "same-sex marriage." Because that's what we're fighting for right? Equality. (Not "special rights" like people keep calling it. Which doesn't make sense.)


I have a check-up and the doctors tomorrow. I haven't had one in years. XD (Haven't had the need for it. I've been healthy. And I still am, but I'm going for a check-up anyways..) I'm wondering what's going to happen. But I'm not going to stress over it or anything. I just don't want the doctor telling me that I shouldn't be vegan because that'll be one more person that I'll have to lecture on nutrition. (And can you imagine a 14 year old girl lecturing a doctor? XD that'd be kind of funny actually.)

Well, I'm off to study. (I find this an effective way of falling asleep.) Laters.