maths test was alright, but i'm tired.

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i totally owned the maths test today, i'm really happy with how i think i went. but i was so tired afterwards it wasn't even funny. i have to finish my notes for the health essay tomoro, write my english oral and organise the use of an over head projector and a cd player, and then write my music essay. at least math is out of the way.

mike smiled at me today in passing. my maths test is broken up into 2 1hr blocks, but cos he does harder maths, his is in 1 big 2hr block. he was walking out of the exam room, and i was sitting with some friends. he looked over at me and smiled. a friendly, "hope you go alright in the test" smile. it was cool. i hope i'm getting over him, cause i can't deal with the throbbing pain of not having him. i love him, but i want someone to love me back. to share my bed with, and lean my head on and smile at and kiss. lol how sad, but humour me guys lol :)

hope everyone is alright. cya, lovers.


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lol awww... it's nothing to

lol awww... it's nothing to "humour" you with. We understand. Prolly a majority of people on the site are in a similar predicament. lol no worries. And yea, I read your e-mail. I hope it isn't too late... lol

Guys are pretty confusing, and apparently drooling over them doesn't really break the ice...

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Well good luck with getting over him. If you work out a magic formula for doing it then tell me please

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"