Me tired...

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I couldn't sleep at all last night, I've been too excited cuz I think my gf can call me today! (me doing my happy dance.) Her grandma somehow 'accidently' took off her long distance. Me misses sucks without two people that you love. Me is also happy cuz me get to see my mommy on Sunday.:) None of you have any idea what happened so I'm going to tell you, back in October the police raided the duplex that me and my mom lived in and a week later she went to jail for possesion of meth. She was in jail for about three and a half months and then she went to a treatmeant center for like two weeks. Now she is in a halfway house and I can visit her every Sunday!! My life may actually be getting better. Oh and two more things; mommy gets out on May 1st, and my gf is coming up in the summer. (continues happy dance)=)


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sorry about your mom =( but

sorry about your mom =( but i hope she is doing well and so are you with the whole matter.

and have fun chatting it up with your gf.

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I'm glad

I'm glad you can happy dance and godd luck for your mom

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Hey, that's awesome! Good

Hey, that's awesome! Good luck with everything!