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I met Jerry at the nursing home after school. I don't have to work tonight and really need to catch up on some homework but it was hard to tell Jerry that because he probably thinks it is some excuse that I am making. He probably thinks I am having second thoughts after last night. I dragged him out to my car and talked to him and explained that I couldn't take my mind off him all day. He said the same about me. But then I told him I had to catch up with my school work and I could just see the sadness come on his face. So we talked for an hour. We finally went up the road to get a Coke and some fries.
He brought up how hard it would be for us to have any really private time together. I had thought about that too. I have three brothers at home and he has his dad in a very small house.
It's not like we want to get naked and hump each other, not at this point anyway. It is more like learning the real and smutty honest truth of "is that a banana in your pants or are you just glad to see me?"
Jerry cracked me up with his comment about it being too big to be a banana. He's probably going to be scared witless before he ever meets "junior".


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I've never understood that. Who keeps bananas in their pants, anyway?


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Well, there was this one

Well, there was this one time - I was heading upstairs with a banana and a glass of coke when I decided I really wanted to take my laptop up as well. So I slipped the banana into my pocket so I could take the laptop under my arm. Wouldn't it have been ironic if at that moment someone had asked me that question? But alas, it did not happen. Life is full of missed comic opportunities I guess.

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