's a LIGER!

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OMG LIFE IS SOOO BORING RIGHT NOW! i'm like the planest plane jane in the universe! so obviously...nothing is going on with me presently, so what do i talk about you may ask?

you fuckers!

how you all been? anyone doing anything i might care about enough to think it's cool? does anyone know leon bakst? i finished reading stalker by faye kellerman or something like was boring.

so i joined this site that allows art students to show their work, i put some of my stuff up there if anyone wants to take a looksee:

if not...fuck you

good night mo fo's


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Looked at all of them.

Looked at all of them. C'etait magnifique! Have a cookie.


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your sensibilties and style

your sensibilties and style when modeling the figure are nice.

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Well life is all very FUCK YOU WANKER at the moment, but I am glad to see you

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"