Ms. Mary had no children, only dolls. And if you see her and you scream, she'll cut your toungue out at the scene...

808Chik's picture was a pretty good movie...i had chicken skin the whole time but there was some funny parts too.

i guess what i liked most about the movie was that it started off in action and ended in action 'cause some movies start off as boring and nothing happens and the action is mostly in the middle and the end just ends funky lol...yeah i hate those kind movies...but this one had action from beginning to end but i didn't like the ending *pout* but i bet there's gonna be a sequel lol.

i LOVE scary movies...i live for the thrill and the adrenaline rush lol...although i can be paranoid and scared of every little thing after haha but i love it :)

well i watched Dead Silence with my dad and 3 cousins; Jay, Joce, and JR
haha funnie never noticed all J's until now..and me and my dad strt with A's cooolll...haha

the was a lot of people at the theater...some cute girls...taken by some cute but some ugly guys lol. then i swear some girls i saw were either bi or gay but idk my gaydar sometimes is wrong or a lil broken lol.

i hate seeing irking lol. i didn't get to come hoome til 1 and me and my cousin Joce was just crusin at my house and she was ranting about how her ex vented out on her on fri and all the hurtful things he said over aim...god guys can be asses but in a way she brought it upon's not that i don't like my cousin but shiit i can see where he;s coming from and her situation our roles are reversed, whereas im in his position. it sucks and i told her that but's not my problem and i not going make a deal about something i have no point in getting into.

sigh...well tonight was the only night i actually had someone sleeping in my bed...i wish it was someone else, but yeah lol...although we or I (she was still on my computer before i crashed lol) crashed i still didn't feel nothing...i was out cold lol. didn't sleep until 4 that's why and had to wake up at 7 'cause they came to pick her up.

now i need to get up and stuffies 'cause i work at 2:30 and it's 10 almost 11...i'm gonna be moody lol...i'm pmsing right now soooo irking but i'm glad 'cause now i know i not goin have it during prom...YAY!!

well...i need to do something...i'll be back..



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have you seen pan's labirynth???? u'll love it i have a sneaky feeling. also, have you seen silent hill??? tis pretty fucking good too. but pan's labirynth is like my 2nd favourite movie atm....maybe third, after mean girls and amelie! lol! it's in spanish but it's like sooooo goooooooood.

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no i haven't seen them, but

no i haven't seen them, but i will try and look for them and watch 'um...thanks adam :)

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"