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Since we all seem to have something in common already [ie reason we signed up for this forum] I was curious to see what other things we might share...

So how about music? Bands, artists, genres, etc:

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Well I like all types of music, every thing but country, rap, and hard rock. So its not like all types of music I guess. I really like The All American Rejects I actually like their first CD better, Panic! at the disco, Cascada but not many people know her she's techno music, TATU, I like a few songs by Pink and Justin, no doubt, and well a lot more. I also like to listen to 89.9 which is a classical music station. I also like some punk rock. I have to say my favorite type of music right now is what some people say punk rock or some people call it emo but techno is up in that area too. Well thats just some types of music I like:)

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Yeah, okay, probably the geekiest answer I could have given. I like B-Way stuff (excluding any and all Disney/Andrew Lloyd Webber stuff), and Stephen Sondheim is my GOD. Also, pretty classical and choral music is awesome. Other than that, whatever random stuff my friends give me as they try to ease me into mainstream music. (Hah... like it'll work... xD )

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