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In the world Today the greatest tragedy is that all people aren't treated as they should
be and i understand that people have the right to there own veiw's at the way they see
things but why must things be seen as a problem if you don't see thing's eye to eye
so know i put this question to all people why is it that we hate so much things we don't
understand,like,or feel, every day people are killed,hurt,underminded and apressed
because they are different in the way they look,act,feel Just why do we have to hate.
people die everyday just so we can feel better. why i feel i want to know because today,
tomorrow the day after someone will die, be killed, murdered, what will there parents
or family think. why this happen to there baby or cousin or someone who they loved
just because the think or act differently then them. Look at all the hate and
death that happens just because of fear i think that we as part of the young people
of the world we should help by telling people think of the what the world will be like
if apression continues, war's,death,hate all the pain that will happen


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It's history's tragedy.

It's history's tragedy.