my philosophy was you and me...

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i'm obsessed with this song...i listen to it like at the most maybe...20 times a day lol. yeah i put it on repeat...damn but idk i really like it. it's the first song i listen to once i wake up and the last song before i go to sleep.

it's called "This Letter" by; Vibekingz

yeah imma love song addict lol. if you looked at my iPod songs...they're mostly all slow jams lol...and a few alternative, hawaiian, country, filipino, and hip hop. but i lovee' my slow jams :D

but i was listening to this while i was on myspace and i wrote something to it and i wanted to put it on my page but it's personal and i don't want people to know my business and i thought i'd put it on here 'cause i feel more comfortable with everyone here :)...

so this is moreso dedicated to my ex 'cause today it's been 4 months since we broke up and it would've made our 6 month yeah.

i remember that day you showed me what it felt like to be loved. you gave me all that a girl could ask for. everything was from your heart and full of your love.

the one memory that i won't forget is that one on the beach. my birthday. a day that no one can ever compete with. the day i saw those tears gently creep from your eyes and fall upon your cheeks. you turned away so i couldn't see them, but i did and it touched me.

no one has shown a love like that to me and i fell for you even more that night. holding you and you holding me beneath the stars was like no other. my heart beat with love that i've never felt before and i welcomed it.

happiness and joy was what you brought into my life. you are a person that i will never forget. i loved you and i still do. but i realized that even though i wish we could've lasted, there was a reason we didn't. my love for you will never fade, but i know that there is someone else out there that is to receive my love and it is forever.

thank you for everything & i hope that you find someone that you will love forever...


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I have to admit that I love mushy love tragedies.
I love O Valencia by the Decembrists.
...a shot hit it hard
and your frame went limp in my arms
and an oath of love was your dying cry...

ah to find love young only to die like Juliet,
me so emo sometimes

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a suprise to find myself hiding inside!