My Saturday

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Hmm went out for the whole day from like 9am today and came home at like 11pm... so frickin tired but had so much fun! (In general)

Hmm ok need to catch up on a lot of work 2moro T_T *sob sob*

Question on mind: Do you guys think all gay guys are more sensitive, and usually nicer and better looking?

Just wondering. My friend said gay guy gets all the girls. Hmmph. I guess to me it is kind of true... she like theorised his whole thing to tell if someone is gay or not (and I discussed it with some guy friends too)... I just dno if she's stereotyping way too much.


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Well when it comes to sensivity I think most boys are sensitive really they just find different ways to show it or not show as the case may be. It's just for some boys being gay means it's legitimate to admit to the sensitivity or they see less reason to disguise it.

Teenage boys can be the most vulnerable things on earth, more I think than teenage girls are because teenage girls often have a greater support system in place and can admit to being upset without losing face. For a lot of boys because they have to learn to bottle up emotions or laugh off insults, it just seems to fester. Often girls are much less vulnerable than they appear and they can be utterly ruthless, but boys so often are far, far more vulnerable than they'd ever let on.
Because for a lot of my male friends I sort of fall into the hinterland between girl and boy- as in they don't need to impress me like they do normal girls and I won't judge them like their male friends would- I hear a lot of straight boy angst.

Gay guys do not have the monopoly on sensitivity at all. I just wish society would remember that. Guys want and need to be treated like they're invincible but just because they have good armour it doesn't mean that nothing cuts the skin.

And when it comes to gauging other people's needs and feelings no-one's as a good as they think they are.

Nicer? I see no difference really. And as for looks I'm not really in a position to judge...

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Gay guys are just sexy. (I'm

Gay guys are just sexy. (I'm a lesbian, but still. I'd go straight for a gay guy. Not that it'd do much. lol)

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.