My weekend/YouTube clip

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So, my Friday/Saturday was pretty boring.

Friday night was absolutely awful at work. We had like 2 checkouts open from 8pm (we trade until 10pm) and the queues were so long. I was just standing there like a lemon being looked at, people expecting me to do something. Unfortunately there was nobody left in the entire store who was checkout trained. So embarrassing.

Saturday wasn't so bad, kept it together. Writing this just before going to work on Sunday.

The good thing about this weekend at work is it's Red Nose Day here (the actual 'day' was on Friday), so we didn't have to wear uniform. Also I got to wear the campest red & sparkly cowboy hat. Oh I looked SO gay. And I was proper queening about in front of people. Wheee!

Might go out tonight and get unashamedly pissed. I still haven't gone to a gay bar for YONKS, I don't really have many gay friends. Well, I have 4 lesbian friends (2 couples), all of whom don't frequent the nearest gay bar because of stupid drama about girlfriends cheating with people who are regulars there and other stupid reasons. So I'm still not going to get laid.

Also, I saw this funny clip on YouTube. I had no idea George Takei was gay. In fact, I didn't even know that was his name, I just recognised him from Star Trek (which I don't even watch, goes to show what a famous program it is). Anyway, I thought it was funny. Before watching it you might wish to read up on the homophobic comments made by Tim Hardaway otherwise it's not as funny.



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Nice costume from the sound of it. We got to do fuck all for red nose day

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