National Poetry Month Event, are you ready?

Hey everyone.

Starting Sunday, I'll be posting a daily essay regarding Camille Paglia's "Break, Burn, Blow" and that insanity will continue for the entire month of April. So, if you want to join in, get a copy of the book this weekend.

As I will be talking about Camille's commentary as though you read it, it won't make much sense if you haven't. After all, my goal isn't to paraphrase her book here.

Anyhow, here's the schedule I'll be following:

April 1: Introduction by Camille Paglia
April 2: William Shakespeare - Sonnets 73 and 29, The Ghost's Speech
April 3: John Donne - The Flea, Holy Sonnet I, Holy Sonnet XIV
April 4: George Herbert - Church-monuments, The Quip, Love
April 5: Andrew Marvell - To His Coy Mistress
April 6: William Blake - The Chimney Sweeper, London
April 7: William Wordsworth - The World Is Too Much With Us, Composed Upon Westminster Bridge
April 8: Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ozymandias
April 9: Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Kubla Kahn
April 10: Walt Whitman - Song of Myself
April 11: Emily Dickinson - Because I could Not Stop For Death, Safe In Their Alabaster Chambers, The Soul Selects Her Own Society
April 12: William Butler Yeats - The Second Coming, Leda and the Swan
April 13: Wallace Stevens - Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock, Anecdote of the Jar
April 14: William Carlos Williams - The Red Wheelbarrow, This Is Just To Say
April 15: Jean Toomer - Georgia Dusk
April 16: Langston Hughes - Jazzonia
April 17: Theodore Roethke - Cuttings, Root Cellar, The Visitant
April 18: Robert Lowell - Man and Wife
April 19: Sylvia Plath - Daddy
April 20: Frank O'Hara - A Mexican Guitar
April 21: Paul Blackburn - The Once-Over
April 22: May Swenson - At East River
April 23: Gary Snyder - Old Pond
April 24: Norman H. Russell - The Tornado
April 25: Chuck Watchel - A Paragraph Made Up of Seven Sentences
April 26: Rochelle Kraut - My Makeup
April 27: Wanda Coleman - Wanda Why Aren't You Dead
April 28: Ralph Pomeroy - Corner
April 29: Joni Mitchell - Woodstock
April 30: Wrap-up: What Will You Take Away From This Experience?


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April 27: Wanda Coleman - Wanda Why Aren't You Dead

that's my birthday. a little ironic, considering the title, no? god i love that. how awesom. i should read it. yup yup yup!

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wicked cool idea

shit. my book-buying frenzy now must continue. i'm getting twitchy. at least sunday opening hours have become the norm in UK cities at last.

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Camille Paglia Interview

You may be interested in this lengthy interview with Camille Paglia, where she discusses Brokeback Mountain and gay culture at length: