nostalgia through music

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I woke up from a nap and was bugged by everyone and everything:

Friend didn't call me today, plans are looking weak for tomorrow, my coming out plan is dying, I hate having a reading schedule for English. and my crush's "who I'd like to meet" on myspace ["a boy who won't mind late night conversations and such"] Yeah whatever.
Oh, and fuck that german for being so attractive. [She reminds me of Emily Haines (lead singer of Metric/solo artist. If you know who she is, you rule) who I am absolutely in love with.] Even the straight girls agree she's the prettiest foreign exchange student and can't get over how gorgeous she is.

I'm mellowing now.

Visiting Nostalgia Lane by watching videos that came out when I was in middle school IE "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, "Ride" by the Vines, and "Reptilia" by the Strokes. "Maps" has especially stuck because it reminds me of my 8th grade DC trip with the school. One morning we were getting ready in the hotel and were watching early-morning videos on MTV and "Maps" was one of them and we had this whole discussion on what it was actually about. They also all disliked the song except me. The rest of the trip I sang it in my head constantly.

It's funny how music can stick with memories like that; how they can remind you of an exact moment that was seemingly meaningless, but stuck with you anyway. It can initiate memory of one moment or one trip, one setting where you first heard the song, or something you saw that remained embedded with the song for no apparent reason.

My crush said that freshman year [before we were friends] she was in her front yard listening to a song by Eisley and I rode by on my bike with a friend and so everytime she listened to that song she would be reminded of "the girl from her spanish class" that rode by on her bike. And now we're best friends. Wierd, right?

I love music


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It's so true about music and memory.

Last summer was the summer of Justice vs Simian, Regina Spektor Begin to Hope and the Drowned in Sound Folk Show Podcast with Emmy the Great.
Then the summer before that was the Summer of Antony and the Johnsons and the Shangri Las
The summer before that was Franz Ferdinand. The summer before that was the summer of the Pixies B-sides album and listening to The Smiths while on the ferry. When I hear them now those songs are like time machines.

Date with the Night by the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs is year 9 and the moment I realised it was actually quite easy to be happy.
If I hear Nirvana and I'm actually 13 again, which is slightly uncomfortable. There's a god-awful Placebo cover version of Kate Bush that reminds me of the year 10 geography trip.

Adam Ant is being back at the Convent in year 11 and acting like morons all the time- likewise most insane 80s music. Dusty Springfield is lying on my bedroom floor crying about my ex. Les Inc How it all went Wrong is making new friends last year when I thought I'd never make any again. Do the Whirlwind by Architecture in Hensinki is actually having new friends and feeling included again when we tried to form a band that lasted for all of about 5 seconds but was still fun.

Don't You Want Me, Baby? by Human League my friend CA and her awful boyfriend Ivo after Robots in Disguise realising that just because I can't dance doesn't mean I'm not going to.

Sorry my comment was probably longer than your post.

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haha that's ok. I should

haha that's ok. I should make a list of all the songs that can be matched to memories. It would be hella long, though.

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Hot foreign exchange students is just so cliche and American pie but they so are. Good luck befriending her dude. And I just had to google Emily Haines because I've got one song by Metric but never seen what they look like.. oh damn if the german chick looks like her.. *dies*

Yes yes music definetely takes you back and it's like almost reliving that moment again when you hear that certain song. Arr how can you not love 'Maps', slap those friends of yours please. You win brownie points from me for bringing up yyys in your journal :] That's really sweet how your crush had that song connection to you. It's nice when people tell you that songs remind them of you. Oh and don't give up on coming out, it'll happen one day.. it might end up being a spur of the moment type thing. It's good to prep yourself up for possible reactions though.

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You just earned points of

You just earned points of your own for thinking Emily Haines is attractive. I about died when I saw her in concert [solo album]. She talked to the audience between songs and mentioned how she's not gay [me and a few other girls went "awww"] and said that if she was she'd be in love with some beautiful lesbian, and I said "if I were gay I'd be in love with you!" and she responded "Oh, yeah?" [I should leave her a comment on myspace rephrasing that to 'I AM gay. I AM in love with you.']

Yeah, the exchange student doesn't totally look like her, but she definetely has a vagueness, and my friends who know Emily Haines have agreed. She has her ora, or something. Whatever, she's just beautiful.

Well those people are no longer in contact with me and have shitty taste in music to begin. Maps is an awesome song.

And, yeah, I had a large grin on my face when my crush told me that... I was in her mind for those two years before we were pals, and all due to Eisley.

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Aww that's so cool that you've actually talked to her! Haha yeah you should leave that comment! I only have 'Monster Hospital' so I'm definetely gonna think about her hottness now when I hear that song now hehe. I've been guilty of firstly getting into bands because of the hot lead singer.. but obviously if the music is shit, I'll move on! I've seen the yyys live three times, loved when they did Maps the first two times but then the third time recently was acoustic and I didn't like it as much. Anyway keep us posted about german chick yeah :D (I have a thing for accents)

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oh, i'll keep you posted,

oh, i'll keep you posted, haha. on her myspace [which is blocked, goddamnit] her headline is "that's what she said" and if you knew me [and my perverted mind] you'd know that she won points from me for having that as a headline. she's gorgeous, looks like Emily Haines, AND can make a good dirty joke? oh jeez...

Yeah, Metric is wonderful. Emily Haines' solo stuff is really good as well. may seem boring at first, but if you give it a few good listens it's really good.

i'm listening to "Maps" as i type, actually. i bet the yyy's were good in concert. the lead singer seems like she's quite the performer.

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what song my Metric do you have?