Of all places to leave a purse...

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Why MIT? D:

Okay, so my purse has been missing for a while now, I just hadn't noticed until recently. Last week I went to a MySql meeting with my dad, that was being held in a room at MIT.

Sora called me during the meeting, so I took my phone out of my purse, and it ended up in my pocket. Which is why I have my phone now.

When I came back someone was sitting like, where I was or something...

And that's how I ended up leaving my purse at MIT.

OF ALL PLACES!? Why couldn't it be Borders? Or some place closer and smaller? XD

Even if it does make it to the lost and found, things probably end up there all of the time.. That'll be annoying.

And it's not like it's worth stealing, all it has in it are my sketchbook, pencil, permanent markers, and some notes and junk...

But I want my junk back. D:

I hope we can find it.



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Jeez, that sucks... I don't

Jeez, that sucks... I don't carry a purse because I'd leave it EVERYWHERE, and anyway I can fit anything I could possibly need in my pockets.

I'm trying to get my sister to go to MIT for college... Sorry that was random.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.