oh. great.

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i dont think i could've gone to sleep with a heavier heart than i did last night.
nor could i have woken up feeling more miserable than i did.
it just seems really fucking..gah. i can't even think of the words for it.
she led me on, all the signs, signals and compliments.
then turns around and says "you really need to go find a girlfriend. cause dude you and i would like never work." in a message.

let me get this straight.
things happen between us. kisses cuddles and random making out.
we've said we liked eachother. left it at that.
but lately. i dont know.
saying "you look hot the way you are" isnt really indirect.
and 9454305 other statements aren't really indirect.

led on much?
crushed much?
fuck yes.

though i really shuold get over it.
go party. get drunk and high and completely out of this world.
sadly that's pretty much the only way i feel happy these days.

its fucking pathetic now that i think about it.

i gotta get out some.
home feels like a prison
school feels like a battlefield.

i want to meet people
people i can relate to. people that can relate to me.
people that i can around with and stare at the sky.
i dont even know anymore.


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oooh baby here here now! this girl sounds like a total biatch, if not, then at the very least she doesn't know what she wants, move on! getting high and drunk wont solve u'r problems, it'll create more, focus on other things for a little while....what i don't know, you figure it out.....something you like doing...

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yeah fuck that girl for

yeah fuck that girl for leading you on like that. and then sending you that kind of message... it was totally blunt, and sharp.