oh I do like your film.

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Why hello. It's been a while.. not too much excitement going on at the moment. The queer film festival starts this weekend and I was kinda bummed thinking I didn't have any queer film goers to take advantage of such festivities with.. until my friend Jamie asked me to come along with her and others to see one of the films they're screening! Yay I thought it was really nice of her to ask since we hardly get to see each other anymore and me coming out to her last year hasn't made things any different (yep exactly how it should be). It's a few weeks away but I'm pretty excited, it'll kinda be my first openly gayish thing to do I guess. So anyway about the film, it's called Itty Bitty Titty Committee, looks awesome :D AND it has Clea Duvall (girl from But I'm a Cheerleader and numerous other things) in it! *grin* and she's like a rocker chick *bigger grin* You guys can see for yourself coz I found the trailer, I'll do my very first youtube embeddingment.. hope it works!


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that looks pretty

that looks pretty interesting.

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I believe I saw Merry Cherry

I believe I saw Merry Cherry of Popular. . . . :D she plays such a good character in that show, love it and look forward to seeing it!

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looks hot

i want to see it :-) + i like the music!

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Looks awesome!

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