oh, whatever.

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I was on the phone with my crush for quite a bit of time last night. Hour and a half or so. And boys seemed to have been a recurring theme. She kept bringing two up who had either messaged her or commented her on the space [which sounds middle-school status but it really wasn't. It was legit.]

Never do I mind hearing her talk about a guy she thinks is cute, but the more repetitious it got the more I was getting discouraged, and eventually annoyed, and eventually slightly upset. I was pretty quiet and had practically no imput on anything she'd say about them [which wasn't a whole lot besides "he's cute"] and it was kind of getting on my nerves only because I like her and she was supplying me with evidence that she is fixed on boys only. I felt like telling her I didn't care because I like girls [too] and I'm sure my fictional "shut-up" outburst would've included me saying "I like you!" or something.

Aside from that... conversation was good, haha.

I lack in lgbt friends. I'd like to make some friends on here.


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Yeah I can imagine, that

Yeah I can imagine, that must be awkward. I've been in similar situations. But I don't like listening to girls talk about boys, weather I have a crush on them or not. It's annoying for me.

I'll be your friend! =D Feel free to PM me or whatever. (Don't bother with IM, I'm never on. I don't like it all that much... It's distracting.) Your avatar reminds me of that time I was playing around with my dads camera in the car and I took pictures of the lights we passed by, it looked really cool actually. :)