OK, theater fags, here they are: Spring Awakening auditions!

I love this show, and now you can join the cast!

Reposted from the Spring Awakening MySpace blog:

This is it! AUDITIONS

I promised y'all I'd post this as soon as I got the info. We will be having open call auditions in NY, Boston, Chicago, and LA for future replacements.

For all cities: We are seeking males ages 17-21 and females ages 16-21. Bring a recent picture/resume and prepare a short folk/alternative rock song. Accompanist will be provided.

Chicago--Saturday March 31st 11 am at The Theatre School, DePaul University 2135 N. Kenmore, room 103

Los Angeles--Saturday April 14th 11 am Screenland Studios 10501 Burbank Blvd. North Hollywood, CA 91601

Boston--Saturday April 21st 11 am Brandeis University (Spingold Theatre) 415 South St. Waltham, MA 02454

New York--Sunday April 29th 11 am at New Dance Group 305 W 38th (at 8th ave) 2nd floor

Call 212-719-9393 x 373 for more info. G'luck, guys!


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it's kind of weird that their doing open auditions, cuz, didnt the show begin as an actors equity thing?

i'd so try out too, but i'ts not in my area. plus, i'd only be of age for the last one, since my 16th birthday is two days before the NY audition....and living in the Bay Area wouldnt help too much with that

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Drat...nothing in the bay

Drat...nothing in the bay area...One goal in my life is just to go to an open call and just try.

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I'm in Costa Rica during the Boston interview! What a hard life! ;)

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the closest one for me is

the closest one for me is chicago but it's this saturday!!! dammit! next time...

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I wish i could do something

I wish i could do something like that. I am in no where near three land.
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1 year off

Do you think that even though im 16 and the audition is for 17-21, they might let me audition anyways? could that would really suck if i was off by one year. and i could pull off being 17

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My guess...

is that the theater is more concerned with getting people *just* out of high school or able to get a GED, given the intense performance schedule, moreso than your ability to play one year older.

It's a new show. I'd say add them as a friend on myspace (where they blog about stuff like this), and keep watching the website for future auditions. They will happen.


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Age and such

They don't care too strictly about young age and 16 is fine for boys. I'm 15 and a girl and they don't care. There is a 15 yo girl in the cast already. There are a few more still in highschool. They don't want you to play older because 14 and 15 are the ages of the characters. They want older people because some parts cannot be played by anyone under the minimum ages. I'm sure they would mind 22 or 23 year olds much if they look young enough at the audition. Also the first round wasn't Actors Equity because most of the highschool kids and a couple of the older ones didn't have an equity card of course.

Do add them as a friend for more info though!

Hope this was helpful.

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Hey, sorry but this is my first real audition and I was just wondering...what exactly do you have to do? and what kind of song do they want you to sing???
any suggestions?