OMFG...i said yes!!!

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idk if i mentioned him in any of my old posts, but there's this guy that i met on myspace and he knows i like girls and stuff but he mostly always makes it a point to ask me out or say that i should give him a chance and well today he asked if i wanted to go to the mall with him (me being bored and outta my mind from staying home) i said yes and so i met up with him and we just walked around the mall.

he's pretty coo....really dorkie but in a cute way lol. i was really comfortable with him (well i'm always comfortable with guys, but uncomfortable with girls lol) go figure lol. while we were waiting for his food...he was super quiet lol and i swear the guy has no expression whatsoever lol. while he was being all tense and stiff...i on the other hand was all cool and calm and sorta checkin out the chiks that were walking around XD shame shame lol.

well he ate...and we walked around some more...nothing exciting lol so don't think this is story is fun and all whoopedy dooody haha.

so he just dropped me off about an hour ago and stuffies and he text wanna read?/? lol if not then stop now but if you do...please continue :p...[btw he loves smilies lol.]

HIM; yeah :) too bad you no like guys. i would love to go on a date with you. your very cute and pretty :)

Me; yeah lol if only

HIM; :( there's no way you can change? for me? i mean honestly i do like you from today :) we got along just great! :)

Me; change? idk. honestly it wouldn't hurt to try, but i seriously don't want to get into anything with a guy and end up fallin for some girl and leave know what i mean? i'm done with he whole bi phase.

HIM; but you wanna just go on a date and see how it ends up? like you said you would give it a try :)

Me; ...just one date nothing else. your lucki lol people goin get mad 'cause i turned them down. but no matter what happens, no hard feelings and still friends?

HIM; yes :) but let me know when you free during the night :) then i'll take you somewhere special :)

....ok imma end it there the rest is just him complimenting me...which i'm sorry but i hate getting compliments. yeah one is enough but when you keep feeding more to me it makes me feel like your trying too hard and that my looks matter to you more than my personality and stuff.

i seriously hate it when people are like that...especially yeah you can kinda guess what i said yes to...ok ok there are like a few reasons why i said yes and i know they might not be nice reasons but whatever a girl has to do what she has to do...


1. so he can STOP asking me!!!
2. 'cause i've only went out with one guy before and the rest are girls, so i wanna know how it is (yeah i kno i said imma lesbian but this just might just make me stay that way lol)
3. i need to know about the ^ above...i think that this might help me with figuring out my sexuality more...i kno i kno not nice to do this to the poor guy but he brought it upon himself.

i think those are good enough...if anyone has any comments about that please feel free to let me know...


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ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! run for your

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! run for your lives! its a mannnnnnnnnn!
no seriously.
it actually doesnt sound that bad. its one date, and what is the worst thing that can happen? youve already accepted the whole gayinsteadofbi thing, so either you find someone that you like, or you just continue your life as it is. then again, isnt that the risk of any date?

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Well, you sure don't sound interested in him to say the least.
That being said, doesn't sound like one date will create a whole lot of harm.

I predict it the date will be a bit of a bust, but if not, then what the heck.
Worth the chance.

but take the pepper spray

I decided to take a peek in the closet.
What a suprise to find myself hiding inside!

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lol. yeah sorry i didn't

lol. yeah sorry i didn't mean for it to sound bad...i was actually thinking about it and it doesn't actually seem that bad lol. thanx for the comments is just one date, 2cute2bstr8 that is true about it being a risk lol...but whatever i'll see what happens.

*btw...i don't have pepper spray andyouwillknowmebythesoundofmyname!

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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i agree

yeah, i agree with you and everyone else: no harm can come from it.
the whole situation is actually kinda funny though LOL. but poor guy :-(. unrequited love sucks, but what can you do? it's not as though you're hiding anything from him. anywayz, have fun:0), hopefully you won't break his heart. good luck!

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yeah it is funny. i do feel

yeah it is funny. i do feel bad in a way but like i said he brought it upon himself...poor guy lol. & hopefully it goes alright...i'll update you guys bout it and thanx :)

"i am who i am, so don't judge me for being myself"

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The guy is bold isn't he?

The guy is bold isn't he? (Any boy who asks a self-proclaimed lesbian out is bold if you ask me.) Just be careful okay? I don't want either of you to get hurt.