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Not much on my mind at the moment. i have a few assignments to do work on, but at this very moment, i'm not worried. the heat is pretty bad, and we've just come into bloody autumn! i got a bit desperate today, i was sitting in music today singing "All By Myself", and then i realized that i'd gone over all this with mike on saturday night.


went to my friend emma's 18th, it was so so so so awesome! she had a jumping castle! jumping castles are so much more fun when you're drunk, for obvious reasons. i got SMASHED! i was off my tits, and it was great. it was such a perfect evening, for the following reasons:

1) the jumping castle
2) mike (+ gf) was there
3) i got drunk. it was the 1st time in a very, very long time that i was drunk, and it wasn't really really drunk, just enough. the perfect maggoted :)
4) i steered clear of all the fuckwits present that could have potentially ruined my evening.
5) i had heart to hearts with ppl. i had drunken enough that all my inhabitions were lost, but not enough to slur my speech (much), so i just yabbered on for hours.
6) i didn't throw up!
7) i got home safe and slept naked. i then had 6.8kg of maccas for breakfast sunday morning lol

at one point, mike was looking after me after i threatened to throw up, and we were lying on the grass away from everyone else have an awesome chat. we really dissected our friendship, and we voiced all of our feelings and (most of) the truth, and i told him that i loved him because he treats me decently and that he is one of the few ppl i want to be close to, rah rah rah. he told me that i was one of three (count em, 3) people that he wanted to keep in contact with after school. i told him about my fears, and all that crap, and my occasional serious thoughts of suicide, and he told me that i would be hurting so many people if i did kill myself.

so that was my weekend. i don't really have much more to talk about, but if i do think of something, just you wait.......................


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Ah bouncy castles

Ah bouncy castle where would I be without you
Actually you try being chased around one by 20 5 year olds. It's quite scary really

"Sexual intercourse began in nineteen sixty-three (which was rather too late for me)"