Pluses and minuses about my crush

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I’m seriously thinking about giving up on my current crush. I feel depressed about it. So far she hasn’t made a move, and I’m getting impatient. I don’t know whether she’s gay, straight, bi, or otherwise. I barely know anything about her. It’s really stressing me out.

In order to help decide this, I made a list of pluses and minuses about my current crush, to see whether the good stuff outweighs the bad, or vice versa.

-She smiles whenever I say hi to her
-She likes the Beatles
-She is very hot
-She’s nice
-She doesn’t seem to think I’m annoying, at least
-She has the most gorgeous smile

-She has some friends that I’m not fond of
-I don’t know whether she’s LGBT or not (She might be queer and not have realized it yet, for all I know!)
-I know very little about her in general
-I only see her in my chorus class, and sometimes in the halls or during free periods, which doesn’t give me much time to ask her out
-She doesn’t seem to be willing to make the first move

One thing I noticed from looking at my list is that many of the negative things about my crush are things that I can fix myself. The not knowing much about her or whether she’s queer? I can fix that by asking her. I can also make the first move myself, even though I’m extremely shy. I can also make time to ask her out, instead of just waiting for some time when I have hours to work up the guts to ask her out. The only negative left is her friends, some of whom I despise. I guess I can just be nice to them while I’m in front of her. That way I’ll look like a cool person if they’re mean to me in front of her and I’m not mean to them back. Kindness scores points with the ladies, doesn’t it? ;) It shouldn't be that difficult. I always try to be nice to everybody, no matter whether I like them or not. I try to live by the sayings, “Do unto others as they would do unto you,” and, “Love your enemies…it really pisses them off.”

So, that eliminates all of my negatives. What does everyone think about my list? Does anyone have any suggestions about the whole crush thing? Does anyone think that I should still give up on her? I’d also like some advice on where to ask her out, if possible. What’s a good place to ask her out to that won’t seem like a weird place to go, considering we don’t know each other that well and she could be straight. For example, I don’t think I should ask her if she wants to come to my house and watch movies or something. That’s more of a thing you ask someone you know very, very well, like a best friend or a boyfriend/girlfriend.


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yeah i would just talk to

yeah i would just talk to her more. if you see her in the halls say hi and strike up a conversation. this can lead to mutual interests which can lead to possible hang out. for instance, say you both like photography... do a photoshoot together sometime! asking someone to your house can be casual... like say you guys like a movie that's already out-- just say "oh you want to see it? we should watch it at my house sometime or something" [adding the "or something" can make it sound all the more casual]. knowing if she's gay or not may take time.

hope that helps somewhat =]

[my crush also likes the beatles! and is hot! and has a gorgeous smile!]

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heyhey! I really think that

heyhey! I really think that you should ask her out because I have a situation just like your. well kinda. But you should probly ask her out because she is probly waiting 4 u 2 make the first move! Cuz in my case its like that. I like this guy named Trevor and I see him in the hallways and have caught him staring at me. I dont talk to him in school but i talk to him on AIM and i told him I liked him. He said 'cool' yeah. So since your a boy . . . what does it mean when a girl says she likes you and you reply 'cool' is that bad? ok well just try talking to your crush more see what happenes!

good luck! =D