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for english class we have to write form poems. I hate doing this but I write much better poems this way. (sometimes they're REALLY bad but most of the time they're some of my best poems)
here they are. The first one is a triolet and the second one is a petrarchean sonnet

Sure, I'm gay, a dyke, a flamer.
But why do I care
about being a perverted sinner.
Sure, I'm gay, a dyke, a flammer.
Than my kind there's no one lamer.
At my flawed self none but I stare.
Sure, I'm gay, a dyke, a flamer.
But why do I care?

Hell's fires do rage.
Whirling about in eternal frenzy.
Their sole goal, to consume me,
keep me locked in their smoldering cage.
How I do regret
the angel's days I wasted.
And now I am afflicted
with the most grusome kind of debt
to myself for being so low
as to waste the gift of a timely death so rare.
My life fled past
at my urging, for the good moments did not last.
Where does time go
and why does it stay there?

Any suggestions for how to make it better? I know that it doesn't have iabic pantameter or whatever pattern involving meter it's supposed to have but I don't care. I don't understand meter so I don't know how to put it into my poems.