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Isn't it strange how drunk people bond so quickly?It is something I have observed over and over,and indulged in ocassionally too.But i'm not still not sure why exactly it is.I have known people who I have been casually aquainted with,and through mutual friends gone to parties/been drunk with and somehow from this we seem to have bonded.
I have seen the same thing with people I work with.I tend to shy away from social situations where I don't know people very well.Myself and a couple of other girls did not go to a party at christmas with everyone else from work as we were new and felt awkward,but a couple of other newbies went along,and after it they seemed suddenly somehow more part of the group than the rest of us.I have since fought my shyness and socialised with my work buddies and again that bonding seems to have happened.
I am aware that it happens,I just don't understand why.Maybe its just as a big nerd I don't understand the intricicies of social networking.Just wondered if anyone else has noticed it??
I just started thinking about it because over the last few weeks I keep getting invited to parties that I don't particularly want to go to but I do anyway because I know I will kick myself if I let my shyness stand in the way and I always feel better when I do go.
Oh on a different note my gaybar trip is back on course,though I don't know how I feel about going!My friends bro is gay and they go to a gaybar nearly every weekend and she asked me today if I want to go and I was like yeah sure.She has asked before and it hasn't happened but this time it has the its going to happen feel to it as we were actually making plans for a week end that suits us.I am excited on one hand and on the other nervous that I will feel awkward,and my awkwardness will give me away since for the most part i'm still living in a closet.
This then leaves me with the thought that I have friends who are so open to homosexuality that they enjoying going to gaybars and other such things,yet I still can't seem to tell them.I don't know,perhaps going to the gaybar will be a step to somthing.
Hmm too much thinking time for sleeping now.


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Well, I hope you have a good

Well, I hope you have a good time. Perhaps it's true for you as well, but when I didn't want to tell people it wasn't because they were anti-gay but because I wanted to be sure in myself before I did the big reveal. Also, the longer you've known someone the harder it becomes to tell them because you're friendship has lasted so long without them knowing, that angst about the whole 'when will I tell?' issue has almost become a part of that relationship in its own right. That could be part of it possibly?

Now I must go before I start to actually quote How Soon is Now? at you, and no-one wants that.