Realizations of a Broken Heart

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I told CC I wouldn't be calling her until she started asking to call me, that was near a week ago and still she hasn't called. It makes me truly wonder sometimes how much she cares or if everything is a joke to her. She wrote a letter to Allen about how he treated Katie when they were together and I just wanted to ask her to reread it and pretend it was from him to her about how she treats me. It's not as if I can talk to her about it, she just gets mad and asks me the age old question "Well do you just want to break up with me?" I just want to answer "Keep treating me like this and I will." Maybe it will make her wake up and realize that I am tired of her shit and wish she would stop bowing down to her father as if he is God, for goodness sake stand up for yourself, stand up for us, I've been slapped in the face by my father for standing up for us. I am fighting a losing battle and I wonder why I keep at it.


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that's rough, fighting

that's rough, fighting parents. that's why i broke up with previous boyfriend; i wasn't religious enough and he was always grounded probably to be kept away from a relationship he wasn't supposed to be in.

it sounds like her ass needs to go, though. she doesn't seem to be putting a whole lot of effort into it, but i have the superficial look on things, so i could be wrong. but if she wasn't calling me or standing up for us i'd take it as a red flag.

hope things work out =[